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    Mental Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Monday, 09. June 2014

About Me
By jessedrake07th1985, 09:12

Hey, I’m Jesse. I work at a gym as a personal trainer. I like taking care of my body, but I also dedicate as much time to taking care of my mind. I like working out, watching history and nature documentaries, and cooking. I dedicate a great deal of life to the practice of non-violence, which extends to my food, as I am a vegan. I also like classical and jazz music, which I like to listen to when I cook. I’m a pretty friendly guy and I like meeting new people!

Hobbies: Working out, cooking

Interests: Health, fitness, spirituality, cooking, veganism

Fave books: “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Alborn

Fave movies: Brick, City of God, In Bruges

Fave actors: Jeff Bridges, Uma Thurman

Fave sports: Baseball

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The Unique Attributes Maya Fiennes Incorporates in Her Yoga Teachings
By jessedrake07th1985, 09:11

With yoga now practiced by millions of people, there is no wonder as to why thousand, of so-called gurus are surfacing both online and off. However, only a few of these yoga gurus have managed to help their students. One of these successful gurus is Maya Fiennes. If you are a beginner in the world of yoga or if you are just about to start, it is highly recommended that you consider following this particular guru’s teachings. This article will help you find out how she has been able to help her students achieve better health and live with inner peace through her useful Kundalini Yoga DVD and videos.

About the teacher

Maya Fiennes was born in Macedonia. Before she became one of the most influential yoga teachers, she was first known as a classical pianist. Through her experience as a successful performer and classical pianist, which she then combined with her upbeat and positive personality, she was able to come up with a unique yoga methodology that fit best for those in the living in the modern world. Her revolutionary yoga style, which is based on KundaliniYoga, allowed her to lead her students to better health, more confidence, and inner peace.

Maya’s philosophy has made her one of the most sought after and in demand instructors for yoga. Her classes are known for being extremely uplifting, fun, and, most of all, inspirational.

The unique attributes of her teachings

As mentioned above, Maya was a successful performer before she became a yoga instructor. Her expertise in classical piano is actually one of the aspects that make her teachings and classes so unique. She combined the success she obtained from being a classical pianist with her upbeat and positive personality in order to create the unique style of meditation and yoga she currently teaches. While many of the classes that yoga practitioners attend are conservative, Maya has been able to incorporate a true sense of fun into hers.

The ability to utilize fun in her classes is one of the reasons her yoga teachings have become so successful. Maya also uses her own music in the classes that she teaches. Her original music can also be heard in her products, including her DVDs. With the performer side of her, she is able to provide her students with the tools that they need for transformation, accompanied with beautiful original music.

The availability of her teachings

Maya’s teachings have grown since the beginning. She has expanded into different types of mediums, including television, public events, merchandise, retreats, workshops, DVDs and CDs.

If you want to learn more about Maya Fiennes and her products, such as her Kundalini Yoga DVD, visit Yoga Technology online at

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The Methodology Used in Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa’s Teachings
By jessedrake07th1985, 09:10

Are you interested in yoga? If this is the case, it is important that you know the different types of yoga in order to determine which one is the best for you. Additionally, learning more about the various types of yoga will help you find out who among the gurus (or yoga teachers) is the right one to follow. There are basically four types of yoga, one being Kundalini Yoga, which is taught by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa among others.

About Kaur Khalsa

Kaur Khalsa teaches Kundalini, one of the four types of yoga. She is a pioneer in the area of pre-natal yoga. In addition to this, she is the director and co-founder of the Golden Bridge Yoga Center, which can be found in Los Angeles, California. Her extensive and impressive portfolio includes three DVDs and two books she has authored.

During the many years she taught Kundalini Yoga, she was able to develop a clientele made up of a number of celebrities. She has privately instructed Courtney Love, Annette Benning, Rosanna Arquette, David Duchovny, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Eventually, through her teacher’s guidance, she gave up these private classes. By the year 2000, she released and published one of her guides, entitled the, “Eight Human Talents: The Yoga Way to Restore the Balance and Serenity Within You.” In the year 2002, she co-founded the Golden Bridge Yoga Center with Gurutej Kaur.

About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini, as mentioned above, is one of the four major types of yoga. This type of yoga is a combination of physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines, which aim to develop strength, character, consciousness, and awareness. Practitioners refer to this particular type of yoga as the “yoga of awareness” because it is focused on expanding one’s intuition and sensory awareness in order to raise the individual consciousness while combining it with God’s infinite consciousness.

As a form of both yoga and meditation, the goal of this particular type of yoga is to cultivate and improve the creative spiritual potential of a person to speak the truth, to uphold values, and to focus on the consciousness, as well as the compassion, required to serve and heal other human beings.

About the methodology

Each of the yoga Asana series involved with Kundalini is completed in conjunction with a particular breathing technique. This combination intensifies and amplifies the effects of various poses. Its purpose is also to free the energy trapped in the lower body, therefore allowing it to move freely in an upward direction. The sequences in this type of yoga, called Kriyas, may be comprised of rapid and repetitive movements partnered with a specific breathing strategy or it may include holding a pose while performing a particular breathing manner.

If you want to know more about Gurmukh and her Kundalini Yoga teachings, visit Yoga Technology, which can be accessed at

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Experience All of the Benefits of Kundalini Yoga From the Comfort of Your Own Home
By jessedrake07th1985, 09:09

The benefits of Kundalini Yoga can be yours, no matter where you live. Guru Rattana is the first to bring the teachings of Yogi Bhajan to an online audience. You can actually enroll in online classes and stream lessons directly into your own home, on your own schedule. Here is what you’ll find when you visit Guru Rattana online:

• Economic, unlimited online classes—View streaming videos at your convenience. Choose between a low monthly or annual subscription to get started. Take classes as often as you wish.

• Guru Rattana’sKundalini Yoga and Kundalini Meditation manuals—Study at your own pace. Purchase the guides that most interest you. Choose from “Introduction to Kundalini Yoga,” “Transitions to a Heart-Centered World,” “Relax and Renew,” Sexuality and Spirituality” and her popular “The Destiny of Women is the Destiny of the World” and “Your Life is in Your Chakras.” You’ll even find Guru Rattana’s most recent books, “The Gift of Womanhood,” “The Power of Neutral,” and “The Inner Love.”

• Kundalini Yoga for Beginners—You’ll discover a complete DVD course available at Guru Rattana’s website, if you prefer the DVD format to streaming videos. Nirvair Singh Khalsa, a student of Yogi Bhajan’s since 1970, offers these courses. You can choose between a six-DVD course designed for beginners, or you can get the complete course of eight DVDs. Or pick and choose from individual Kundalini Yoga DVDs by Kundalini Yoga expert Maya Fiennes.

• Supplemental CDs—Add music and spiritual sounds to your practices. Use CDs to keep you focused during your daily life. Select from compilations that include tracks recorded by various Kundalini Yoga artists, mixed with popular mantras and instruction. Search among recordings that feature the divine Kundalini instrument, the gong. Find albums filled with healing mantras that touch your heart. Or use recorded music to raise your energy level, uplifting your spirit. Select the genre of Kundalini Yoga mantra music that you love the most: From classical Indian ragas to world fusion, blending rock, pop, jazz, and the blues.

• Prescribed Kundalini Yoga Sadhana music—These specific mantra meditations, recommended by Yogi Bhajan, help us to adjust to the challenges of the Aquarian Age. They require a total of sixty-two minutes of meditation to enable you to see real, lasting benefits.

In fact, to experience all the peaceful, uplifting benefits of Kundalini Yoga, you only need to turn to Guru Rattana online at There, you’ll find everything you need to begin and continue your practice of Kundalini Yoga.

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Enhancing Kundalini Yoga Benefits through Proper Meditation
By jessedrake07th1985, 09:08

Many individuals that are just beginning to practice KundaliniYoga purchase instructional materials such as Maya Fiennes DVDs. Practicing this type of yoga, which is known for various benefits, including a more flexible spine, enhanced lung capacity, strengthened core, improved memory and reduced stress, can easily be done at home with the right materials. However, in order for individuals to enjoy all of the Kundalini Yoga benefits, it is important to know how to incorporate proper meditation techniques during sessions.

The meditation process

Meditation is an important aspect of almost all types of yoga. One needs to be able to properly meditate in order to create a communication link between one’s mind and body. Meditation allows an individual to make time for one’s self. It is a time for an individual to become connected with his breath, to re-establish his rhythm, to communicate with his higher self and to better understand his unique life.

Just think about meditation this way: People take showers on a daily basis in order to cleanse their bodies of the physical dirt it has accumulated. Showering also allows individuals to feel refreshed and relaxed. Meditation works the same way, but instead of physically cleansing one’s body, it cleanses the mind. As a result, it assists individuals in focusing their energy, avoiding mistakes, becoming more prayerful and staying healthy in all types of manner. It can also transform an individual into a kinder person. When done correctly, meditation will clear away negative thoughts in one’s subconscious.

The link between KundaliniYoga and meditation

There are various techniques used in KundaliniYoga. Each session typically includes Pranayama, which are breathing exercises, asanas (poses) and meditation. Many of those that have difficult meditating often make use of techniques derived from Hatha yoga, which includes Pranayama and the asanas. This is often recommended for beginners, so that they can first learn how to control their breathing and mind, as well as purify their bodies before proceeding to meditation.

While it is a good idea for individuals to begin practicing and mastering Pranayama and the asanas, one should not disregard the good that meditation will bring forth to Kundalini sessions. Always keep in mind that meditation will help an individual cleanse his mind, relax and guide one through the proper ways to perform Kundalini, which in turn will ensure that the individual achieves successful results.

One needs to master meditation in order to reap the many different Kundalini Yoga benefits. In order to learn more about meditation, visit Yoga Technology online at This is also where individuals will find the best KundaliniYoga instructional materials, including Maya Fiennes DVDs and Guru Rattana videos.

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The Most Common Kundalini Yoga Poses and The Benefits of These Poses
By jessedrake07th1985, 09:06

There is a plethora of different types of poses involved in Kundalini yoga. Despite being taught by various teachers, such as Yogi Bhajan, Guru Rattana and Maya Fiennes, students will learn the same poses. In Kundalini, poses are referred to as asanas. Asanas are designed to stimulate the glands, increase body awareness, and improve the function of organs while quieting the mind for meditation. These asanas often put pressure on the acupressure points or nerves, which leads to beneficial effects on the mind and body.

As mentioned above, there are different types of asanas involved in Kundalini. However, the two most common are Sukasana, referred to as The Easy Pose, and Siddhasana, also known as The Perfect Pose. If an individual is interested in learning this particular type of yoga, it is wise to educate one’s self about the poses involved in Kundalini. By doing so, an individual will be able to learn how to properly recreate these poses, which will ensure the best possible results.

The Easy Pose (Sukasana)

The Easy Pose is a classic meditative pose in Kundalini, where the individual’s legs would be crossed comfortably at his ankles or with both feet on the floor. Both of these poses aim to the press one’s lower spine in a forward manner, so that the individual can keep his back straight. In addition to helping the individual straighten his spine, this pose also helps to slow down one’s metabolism and quiet one’s mind.

If the individual is accustomed to sitting in chairs, this pose may be quite challenging. If holding the pose is too uncomfortable, the individual should use a folded blanket and position it under the back area of his buttocks. In order to stretch one’s leg muscles evenly, make certain to alternate the right and the left leg.

The Perfect Pose (Siddhasana)

The Perfect Pose requires the individual to place his right heel pressing against his perineum or his right sole against his left thigh. One’s left heel will be placed on top of his right heel, pressing against the area above his genitals. The individual’s toes will be tucked into the groove between his calf and thigh. His knees should be ground level and his heels should be directly above one another. Siddhasana is considered to be one of the most comfortable poses. It is also believed by many to promote psychic abilities and power. This very important asana will allow individuals to practice their breathing control (Pranayama), meditation, self-realization and meditation.

There are many other common asanas in Kundalini yoga aside from the aforementioned, such as Padmasana, Vajrasana and Hero Pose. If an individual wants to learn more about these poses and begin reaping their benefits, visit Yoga Technology online now at Here individuals will find information about Kundalini as taught by the most influential yogis, including Yogi Bhajan, Guru Rattana, and Maya Fiennes among others.

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